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About Me

“Never let your schooling interfere with your education” – Mark Twain.

Dublin Magician Jack took this quote literally choosing not to attend almost all school exams. Instead he turned his attention to a more exciting curriculum which included -

Learning to shuffle a pack of cards and keeping them in exactly the same order

Teaching himself the skills of suggestion and psychological manipulation making him appear to be a mindreader!

Learning to slow his heart to fewer than 10 beats a minute which is of no practical use but really freaks people out.

Mastering the art of Sword Swallowing, Jack is one of only sixty swordswallowers in the world today. He is proud to be a member of The Sword Swallowers International Association.

A lot of people have asked Jack as a Magican how he does these things, more people ask why? His reply is always the same ... “Because I can”

Today,Jack Wise entertains at corporate events and as a wedding Magician all over Ireland and England and as a festival performer all over the world!

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The perfect entertainment for corporate events!

Many magicians master sleight of hand magic tricks but very few develop any real comedic talent.
Jack Wise has mastered both! He is a headlining comedian and multi award winning Magician. Jack's simple corporate entertainment philosophy "Entertain everyone, offend no one" had made him "the choice" for corporate events all over the world.

When you book Jack Wise you get to relax knowing that he will get the applause and you'll get all the credit for booking incredible corporate entertainment.

Ventriloquism at corporate function Irish Comedian Jack Wise headlining in Laughter Lounge Ventriloquism as corporate entertainment

Close Up Magic that will make your guests' jaws drop!

Book Jack Wise to mingle amongst your guests and you’ll hear the applause and laughter from across the room!

Armed with a razor-sharp wit, jaw-dropping magic tricks and Jedi mind reading powers, it's as if he has a black belt in ice breaking!

Jack effortlessly combines his ad-libbing skills as headlining comedian with his mastery of sleight of hand magic.

He involves all your guests and gets them laughing before hitting them with his industrial strength magic.

Click on the videos below to see the laughter,fun and amazement Jack Wise generates at at corporate events and as a wedding magician.

Lady surprised by close up magic Corporate audience clapping

Make your Wedding the envy of your guests...

It's the biggest day of your life so it's got to be perfect!

So what's the secret to making your wedding or civil ceremony unforgettable?

Simple...what your guests remember and talk about afterwards!

You need fun, laughter, applause and moments of jaw dropping amazement suitable for guests of all ages. You need Jack Wise!

Click on the videos and see for yourself. In particular, see the fun Jack has with the best man using his skills as a ventriloquist.

Entertaining Bride and Groom Performing Close up Magic for bride Entertaining 2 families at wedding Mindreading for Bride

Magician, Ventriloquist, Sword-Swallower and well . . . funny guy!

Described by the press as a "modern day vaudevillian", Dublin magician Jack Wise has won both the coveted titles of Festival Performance World Champion and UK Family Entertainer of the Year.

His family show is a rollercoaster ride of magic, sword-swallowing and hilarious ventriloquism!
Imagine David Blaine and Tommy Cooper in some sort of a comedy car crash and you’ve got the idea. Some of the highlights of his magic show include -
Turning a volunteer into a hilarious life size ventriloquist puppet!
A young helper smashing up their parent's watch only to find it sewn INSIDE a Teddy bear!
The hair raising moment when Jack swallows a real 24 inch solid steel sword!

Book festival entertainer Jack Wise now for a dynamite performance that your crowds will thank you for!

Irish Magicians Jack Wise performing Street Magic Jack Wise sword swallowing as part of festival entertainment Irish Magican Jack Wise performing at St. Patricks Festival Jack Wise performing Magic tricks in Nepal

Magic & public speaking Workshops

Are you looking for a workshop that your students or staff will absolutely love and that will give them a tangible advantage in the job market?

Wedding, funeral or business presentation, we all have to speak in public at some point and with the advent of zoom it's unavoidable. Its simple, those who can present on stage (or off) win hands down everytime.

In a relaxed environment, Jack shares 20 years of experience teaching the secrets to being comfortable speaking in public and having unshakable confidence on stage. He also teaches how mindreading, magic tricks and illusions work. 

Why teach Magic tricks?

Not everybody can sing or dance so when you teach them a magic trick, you are giving them an opportunity to perform. They want to show it to friends and family straight away. This means they implement their newly learnt presentation skills and build confidence automatically. Treat your staff or students to a fascinating fun workshop that they will rave about.

Give your event a natural, fun flow by booking Irish Magician Jack Wise as your host.

For an event that seamlessly flows Jack Wise is the natural choice.
His likability, natural wit and sense of what is appropriate on stage has earned
the trust of event managers and top companies all over Ireland.
Jack's skill is tailoring his performance to suit any event. He combines moments of comedy and magic in between the speeches/awards to the give the whole evening a fun and fast moving feel.

Jack Wise corporate compere Master of Ceremonies Jack Wise Jack Wise headlining in The Laughter Lounge Jack Wise performing at Corporate Event